Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hey sorry it's taken so long to write a new post i just finished finals and am waiting for my grades which makes me nervous. Anyway apart from my school stuff mom and dad have been going crazy making and getting presents together. This time next week it will be the day after christmas. How sad... but then i can tell you what i made for the rest of the kids. I am actually really excited about it. Today all of the elementary, middle, and high schools have early dismissal so by 1 everyone will be home but mom and dad have a faculty/staff meeting at the high school so i get to baby sit but thats okay i like it, i guess.

Today is like the calm before the storm. Tonight we have costuming for Bethlehem. Friday and Saturday we have two shows each day and monday we have one it should be fun and it forces everyone to get their gifts done before that. tomorrow we start to make Crescents.
so on that note i think i will ether get some breakfast or work on some gifts. -Lila

PS Wacky has a singing solo in front of the whole school today.

Good luck to her!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

: )

My Visiting Teacher Companion's sister, Gwen, is in a choir in Spanish Fork. She discovered I sew. I was able to make some extra Christmas $ by sewing her a blouse. It's a very simple design. The fabric is sparkly and a bit tricky to sew. The shirt is lined with red satin-ish fabric. interesting. #11 sewing machine needle needed.

Here's a picture of the north side of our snowy home.

Sweet Googla in front of our Christmas tree 2007.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


today it snowed. i am so happy, we all have been waiting for so long. i was walking home from my saturday morning class over at the college and i had the camera so i took some pictures (wow that makes sense) any way here are some i took.

Friday, November 30, 2007


hello every one its Lila talking. Dads birthday was yesterday it was fun. some of the highlight items that he was very happy about are
Oster Classic 76 Professional Clipper Hair Trimmer

which was an Ebay treasure. he also is the proud owner of a book by the name of Reliant Regal & Robin by Don Pither.
but of course that was not all that he got or did but there are many things that i need to do. so with that i will leave you with a picture of his cheesecake ( always his birthday cake of choice)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

synchronized leaf swiming

this is a blog that lila and i will try to keep updated