Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He called. I love cell phones!

Jeff called and said they are all packed up, chains are on the car tires, fresh 6-8 inches of snow fell and they are making their way to Provo. Yeah! One of the guys came with sneakers, a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee, and a hoody...nothing more. WOW! He survived because others were well prepared. I'm amazed and happy. I think Jeff is treating them to "Five Guys" on the way home. Yummmmm! They should be home right on time. Now, I need to be's just that it's snowing again... I think that an overabundance of sugar makes me a bit high-strung.
When I woke I looked out the window. There always seems to be a peach/orange glow when there's new snow and/or it's snowing, and it's right before dawn. I thought how lovely... and then I remembered that Jeff & Logan are near Brighton Ski resort, in a warm "igloo" or some snow contraption...with 8 other boy scouts and another leader. That's fine and good. I just want them to travel home safely (treacherous mountain roads-urg!)... and SOON! I am a worry wart. I'm pretty sure they were going to aim for being home right around noon. I'm trying to remain calm, but at 12:01 I'll be calling Jeff or the other leader's cell phone. By then they surely will be within range of a signal, right? It looks like it may be letting up on snow.

How did Caroline Wilder EVER do this? She'd send Charles out on a job finding or food finding trip into the great unknown, not knowing when or if she'd ever see him again.

I love Jeff and Logan!!! I'm just not good at this waiting stuff! Prayer in my heart!!!!!
I'd better stop worrying and get other stuff other things to occupy my thoughts.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Who knew BYU wouldn't have their Bookstore open on Boxing day? We're headed there now. Hoorah!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I need to do something about my lack of blogging! I guess I figure I should only blog if I have a picture to go along with it. Not too easy since I don't have camera of my own. Oh well.

The last few days we've been helping out with a production of Bethlehem. There is a blog about it. Bethlehem is very enjoyable. This year Jeff is a coppersmith, Lila a potter, Clarence a crafter of bracelets, Peterman a wood carver, Whacki a cider girl, Googs a shepherd girl or the coppersmith's helper, I am a candle woman, Dibs is Joseph. It's a family thing!

We're in a Community Christmas Choir--Jeff, Lila, Dibs and I. We had our performance on Sunday. I LOVE the choir. We practice on Saturday mornings from 7 'til 8:30, starting in October. Tomorrow night we are going to be the choir for St. Mary's Episcopal Church's 8 pm version of midnight Mass. It also is enjoyable. When we're at the Mass, the children who are at home will put together a Gingerbread House, and probably start watching a Christmas movie.

I love Christmas! It's especially nice when things seem to fall into place! Lila and the kids began making Christmas crescents (It's a cinnamon roll twisted to the shape of a crescent/wreath.) YUMMMMMM! We hand these out to as many people as we can. Sometimes we don't get them all handed out until AFTER Christmas.

I'm so happy that of the 5 packages I've sent, 4 reached the correct destination TODAY. # 5 will probably arrive the 26th.

Merry Christmas to ALLLLLL!!!