Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank you for the music

Because music is such an important part of my life I was wondering the other day what I'd hear during my last Radiation treatment. It was last treatment. Yahoo!

Strange as it may seem I was feeling a little sad. I have met some of the most caring, fun, and loving people in these past few weeks. I am sad to leave these people. The doctors, technicians, nurses and secretary were exactly who I needed to coach me and encourage me through this experience I've just had.

I thank my dear Father in Heaven for all of this! It's definitely a bump in the road to find out you have cancer, but everything about it has been a great experience, and as crazy as it sounds, I'm glad I went through it!!! I couldn't have made it through without Heavenly Father, my family, or my friends!! My "thank you" list is incredibly long!!! Thank you!

Let me get back and tell you about the music.
As my final Radiation began, so did a serenely beautiful rendition of "Silent Night". Tears welled in my eyes as I went over the lyrics in my head...."all is calm, all is bright." So it was, so it is... As I stood up from the treatment the next song to play was the "Hallelujah Chorus"...not even kidding. I thank Heavenly Father that even the songs over the radio or sound system were perfect. He is so good with the details!!! I really want to meet Him some day, and be in His presence and truly Thank Him for everything...especially the music.

Monday, December 12, 2011

this week in Taiwan

Anyways, good week! Looks like is was for you all as well. This past week, we have been working with an investigator who's mother recently passed away. Yesterday, we had a very good sitdown with him in which we were able to help him see that by living the Gospel of Christ, he would be able to see his mother again. When we invited him to be baptized though, he said that he would be too buisy for the next little while taking care of his mother's affairs. He said that he would start to read with more purpose and we set up a plan of following up with him. I think that he has alot of potential and will be ready as soon as he gets a spiritual confirmation of what we are teaching.
We also were able to meet with a former that has been to church in the past. He was doing really well and was happy to let us sit down. He told us that he was concerned that he didn't have to much peace in his life. We shared about prayer and how it can bring you closer to Heavenly Father which will then bring more peace. He was excited for this and was very willing to "give it a shot for the next couple weeks". We later shared about Baptism and the comfort and peace that it can bring. When invited to be baptized, he said that if he had to go to church, than he wouldn't be able to be baptized. He obviously didn't have that good of a time when he attended in the past. Another problem for the missionaries in the past was that they couldn't ever get ahold of him to follow up. But now he has a cell phone and is going to be expecting a call to see how his prayers are doing. I think that as soon as we turn the problem of church into the love of church, there will be now problem for him getting baptized. How did you get ahold of people to follow up on their reading when you were in Chile? Just on the house phone? Did they have house phones? Probably not cell phones...
Man, yeah it's getting all Christmasy here. I get that little excitement here and there. We are having a huge Christmas Activity on the 22nd for the whole mission. That will be fun. We also get to go to the temple on the 28th. Elder Olsen is in my zone, so I'll get the chance to ride up and talk for a little bit with him. Super fun. I love the temple. How is the new provo temple coming there? I"m excited for that.
Well, I hope that you have a wonderful week! love ya, Elder Sanford

Monday, December 5, 2011

Taiwan week 50

...This past week, we had been working hard with an investigator that had some real intent. But yesterday, half way through sacrament meeting, he stood up and walked out. After talking to him, he said that he just hurt all over because of his sickness. He also wanted to give the Book of Mormon back because he said he was done. He had been investigating for 3 weeks and felt that it just wasn't super fitting. After more observing, listening and discerning and trying to ask the right questions, he said that he really likes church, but that everybody in his home is really really rallied up whenever he leaves to come to church. When we went to his house this past week they were a little cold to us, so we thought that there was some family opposition. We are going to overcome that this week with help from the relief society president who offered to help. . We also met a man on the street that had just been fighting with his mother and wanted some change in his life. He was very open and pleaded for our help. We set up a time to meet the next day, but when that rolled around he was a little bit late. He said that all day, he was trying to convince his mother to let him come. HE is 27. He also said that he really wants to help out Heavenly Father. So needless to say, we are going to be focusing on and studying for family opposition problems. THis morning, I looked over a hand out that President Bishop gave us. With that and parts form King Lamoni's father, we are going to help these people hit their goal of being baptized this month. Yeah yeah!
So this is what was said about calling for christmas:
Sunday Christmas day or Monday December 26th. Coordinate times and numbers to call. You can purchase a phone call for a reasonable price to call your family. Phone calls should be to family only, and should be no longer than 30-40 minutes total time. We have received approval from the area presidency to utilize Skype or MSM video phone calls. These services are free, but they do require both appropriate software and hardware to work. No one should purchase additional equipment to set up for Skype. If you want to use Skype, do not go to an Internet café on Sunday. For Skype to be used, there must be quiet on both parties. Any background noise will cause disruption of the audio call and be unsatisfactory. As always, we should never place a burden on members or inconvenience them. Local missionaries have the option of calling at either Christmas or Chinese New Year, not both.
I'm excited too. It will be a fun little time. I am going to be sending a small package home. It may not make it on time I guess, but I'm sending it out today and you will get it when it comes I guess. yeah.
Thank- you for all of your love. I'm glad to hear that you shared your testimony. that is always good. The same people get up in our ward every time. I think that I am going to get up next time. Just quick and simple.
have a good week.
-Elder Sanford.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's December

Wow, it's December already. The Christmas decorations are coming out of hiding and finding their spots in the house. The beloved felt advent (that Momma made and gave to my little family about 20 years ago), "Journey to Bethlehem" has begun. I have an antsy feeling:"will everything be ready in time for Christmas?" in the back of my mind.

This morning there was a powdery dusting of snow on the ground. It's melting as the day warms, but since it's not warming too much, maybe it won't all melt off.

Here's to a joyous, peaceful one and all.