Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day

Hello & Good Morning
Yesterday at Church someone joked with me about my lack of writing on the blog, so I guess it'd be a good goal to write at least once a week. I really didn't know anyone noticed that I haven't written regularly.
Last night, my nephew Jeff, and my nieces Meredith, Shellie, and Amelia came over. It was so fun. I love to hear their stories. They kept us all laughing.
Today I am walking to school with the children. I'd better get away from this computer so they're not late.
We're having corned beef brisket & cabbage for dinner. Remember to wear green!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

a little bit of this a little bit of that..ok, A LOT

So much has happened since the last time i wrote i am just going to kinda list things. It's easier?!
-C had her birthday party at Aunt Kristen and Uncle Carlos' --they're so good to us. We love them lots!
-girl scout cookie madness--we took orders, they came, we're TRYING to get them delivered.
-library books glad the library is emailing reminders, instead of emailing to collect on overdue books
-Lila had spring break
- Wackey and Peterman had a district choir concert...kodaly music education is the best
-Dib had a wind ensemble concert. Their band needs HELP!
-Dib has a concert at BYU today that no one knew about until thursday (we love his teacher)
-C registered for high school
-dentist apointments...we are doing our best to fund his trips to Disney :)
-Dib went to disneyland with the PHS Band
-Dib washed his ipod--ok correction...Mom washed Dib's jeans without checking his pockets...$200 mistake!!!!
-We had enrichment night it was a birthday party. Ann brought a "to die for" chocolate flourless was seriously good
-PTA meetings...can we say hooray because there are only 2 more mtgs i'll have to conduct...I love our school, but I know someone else will do a better job as the PTA pres!!!!!
-Lila sang with the orem institute at the tabernacle in salt lake
-Primary meetings. We're trying to meet all of the Primary Presidencies. It's so enjoyable to meet these great ladies! They are so interested in helping the children succeed and feel Heavenly Father's & Jesus' love for them
-linger longer--Italian style @ Bonneville 3rd Ward..we are thoroughly enjoying the "break-the-fast" dinners that we're having this year. We are the last unit to meet on Sundays, so our ward is enjoying the freedom it gives us to have these dinners every "fast" Sunday. YUMM!!! We had Italian foods this month...Mama mia!
-a cousins's hard to believe that Lili is 8 was so windy in Nephi that day, it reminded me of the wind in Punta Arenas, Chile. If the wind ever stopped blowing we'd fall over. good memories.
-"August Rush" is out on dvd. If you haven't seen it----you should!!!!
-Goo and Lila went on date to the movies and saw "Enchanted". They rode the bus home. They were disturbed by a fellow passenger who had on bright purple, 2 inch fingernails, glossy/shiney lipstick, diamond stud earrings & small hoop earrings, and said passenger crossed their legs in a feminine way...doesn't sound like too bad a thing, but the person was a MALE person. It kinda scared Goo. We live in a sheltered area, and we are glad about that.
-Jeff lost his favorite flashlight. He is sad about that..ok, he knows where it is--in the innards of a PHS wall. We were conversing when it slipped out of his hand...better the flashlight than the cell phone?
-friends just gave birth to babies...3 in the last 8 days...a girl, a boy, a girl...babies are so wonderful.

That was choppy, and long ... maybe next time I won't wait so long to blog?!!