Sunday, August 30, 2009

wackys....11...Wow! That went fast!!!

...friend birthday party pictures

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm sure Lila will blog about this, she took a picture. As we were driving from Walmart to the AT&T store I commented that Burlington Coat factory can't be too happy that someone is building in their parking lot, blocking the view of their store to drivers. Mirielle said, "I'll bet it's a restaurant." Then we both yelled at the same time (when we saw the construction sign)
""In-N-Out", YAHHHHHH! "

So there you have it- coming soon! "IN-N-OUT" .... "right in our own backyard." Yipeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We went to the Drive-in (insert smiley face)

The gates were supposed to open at 8:15 or so.  We went last night and they weren't ready to open 'til 8:30.  It's $7 for people aged 10+, children ages 5-9 are $1, 4 and under are free.  The $1 folks get a free glow in the dark glow-stick.  (Smart safety idea--we always knew where they were.) After we had the vans in place our children ran and played.  Frisbee and other run around games...and the munching began when the M&M's spilled and we tried to gather & grab them within the 10 second rule. We saw "G-Force and then Harry Potter 6...(We were home & in bed by 2ish--yawn).  "G- Force" was actually a cute movie...and "HP6" was FANTASTIC!!!  There are other choices too--there are 6 screens. The screens are corrugated metal painted white.  It totally works. It was fun, and if the place makes it until next summer we will probably go again.  If one stays for both movies it's very economical--and it looks like we could've stayed for a second showing of the first movie, too.  That would've been 3 movies for the price of one. Wooohoo!  You have to have an FM tuner on your radio, there are no "hook in the window" sound boxes (probably they were called speakers, huh?) like in the good old days.  Dibs and Jeff got snacks: banana chips, p-nut M&M's, "Captian Crunch Berry" knock-off brand cereal (eaten dry), and Whoppers.  The Sorensen's brought popcorn and licorice and muddy buddies. Side note: I brought bug spray...not a good idea to eat after you've applied the spray with your hands...unless you wash your hands, of course.  We took benches out of our vans and set them in front of our blanket and bunches of pillows between the vans...children switching places/vans...Ingrid did the rounds with Julia in her stroller. Jules was too tired, poor munchkin. So this is an un-organized and run-on-ish blog.  Moral of the story: it was SO FUN, and I'm so tired, but  it was worth it. Thanks for organizing this Ingrid!!!  Good friends, good memories, good times....good!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fruit fly--don't bother me!

OK, maybe this is a fluke, maybe not....are they gone for good, or is it that they're gone for a while?   Two of my friends have commented on the wonders of Tea Tree Oil.  I splurged at "Sunflower Market" and bought a teeny flask of the wonder oil.  I have put it on the children's mosquito and other bug bites and it has kept them from swelling.  The smell is pretty pungent, but the trade-off is worth it. 

The other day Peterman came in from outside.  It was dusk and he had mosquito kiss bumps forming on his arm.  He brought me the T.T.Oil and a paper towel.  I tipped the point of the towel in the oil and then applied the oil to his arm.  He commented on the strong smell, and it got me to thinking. I asked him to leave the corner-soaked-paper towel on the counter under the shelf, instead of throwing it away.  That is our spot we get fruit flies.  I'm not sure why they go for THAT spot.  The next morning when I came down to start readying Jeff and Dibs' lunches I noticed NO FRUIT FLIES.  Maybe it was a coincidence or a tender mercy?  I still have the paper towel out and waft it in the same general area hoping to ward off the critters.  

So, try it at your houses---c'mon, doesn't everyone get fruit flies this time of year? I hope it works for you, too!!!