Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colby's Birthday! :D

Happy Birthday Colby!!! I love you so much! I'm so thankful you belong to Dad & Me. We both are proud of you and the good choices you've made! I hope this is a happy day for you. Do you know how wonderful you are? Believe it-- you are wonderful! We'll all miss you when you're on your mission... Thankfully Families are I said we're so glad you're in our family! Love and hugs-Ma

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here's wishing the Happiest Birthday yet to my Magnificent Mother and my Beautiful BabyEst. What a wonderful thing that my Momma and Daughter share the same day...I love you both so very much!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning Mom

Hello Mom--I thought I'd post another little something. I've got to make this quick. For the last 2 weekends I've gone to Baby Showers. That means on Friday afternoon I've cut out the quilt and on Saturday I go to the Shower with scissors in hand---clipping the edges. I held Rachel Forbes Coleman and her in-laws hostage on the 11th--I mean I didn't leave until I had it all done so they had no excuse but to LET me stay. They are so nice. I need to post a pic of the quilt.

Last Saturday (Sept. 18--Vive, Chile!!) I actually took a photo on my phone of the quilt. It's for Kristen and Baby Girl Canales. I have 3 more quilts to do in the next week. Thankfully, the flannel is in my fabric new expenses, just a time commitment.

I LOVE to make, actually I love to see the finished product. My gals have helped do the clipping so it's fun to do these family projects.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the Lower Lights

Tonight we went to a Youth Stake Fireside with our children. It was fabulous! It was set up in the gym facing the chapel. A musical group performed in the "overflow" area. They are a group formed of LDS performers who have their own musical careers, but wanted an outlet to perform exclusively religious songs...hymns. They are the "Lower Lights". They are a traveling hymns revival. I LOVED it they "spoke to my soul"!

As I listened I was reminded of going to choir practice with Momma and Daddy, back when Jodi Emrich was the director. I also remembered listening to the Grand Ole Opry or country music shows on the radio coming home from St. Joseph nearly every Sunday when we'd go visit my Grandparents. Music is deep in my soul and I love it when I can feel the Spirit testifying of goodness and truth.

So what I heard tonight reminded me of a mix of the good time country music and the hymns from the Choir practices of my youth. Thanks Momma and Daddy for teaching me to feel the Spirit through hymns. It rings true!!!!