Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Junie

My sweet June is turning 14. Wow! The other day when I learned my Father's passing would be soon, I prayed he wouldn't pass on June's special day.  I talked to her and got her blessing to come and be with Momma and Daddy and the folks here in Missouri.  She understood what I was going through.  Turmoil....missing June's Birthday versus missing the special time with Daddy.  She encouraged me to come.

Heavenly Father's timeline is perfect--a perfect tender mercy!  I am in Missouri, here with my first family.  Daddy passed away last night. Today June is 14.  Happy birthday to my darling auburn-haired ballroom dancer.  I love you!!!!

(Grandpa can now see you dance! I'm sure he's proud of you!)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

this week

We did alot of planning to hit all of our goals. We charted it and made plans early to hit all of these goals. But as the week went on, we were just not hitting our goals and people would consistantly cancel. 

So on Sunday, when we wern't looking super good to hit our goals, I had a little bit of a talk with my companion and discussed my concerns. In talking to him, Elder Peel really helped me to have faith in the time remaining and mostly in the Lord. 
So we went out and saw miracle after miracle. And I know that they were all from the Lord. 

We had an LA call us and set up for right after dinner. right as we were leaving, a person who was stopped right outside of the church wanted to take a tour after talking to him for a little bit and it just so happend that the member was still there and it helped his testimony to help us accompany that lesson. Also, a man who has had a horrible life because of choices that he made called us and set up a time for that night. We shared with him from Alma 36 about repentance and as we prayed with him, he said that he felt just like the lamb that Christ was holding on the front of the Restoration Pamphlet that we shared with him aswell. 

As we strive to hit our goals, Heavenly Father will help us to accomplish that which is important like helping LA's regain their testimony and helping the heavy hearted feel the truth of the gospel.
It is a new move call today. We are not going to move! YEah!! It is going to be a super good move call. and a super good month aswell. Lately I have really been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to be on a mission and how wonderful the work is. I absolutely love it. Helping people change their lives. nothing like it.

THis week was a little bit tiring because we did a double exchange. We had a chance to go with one companionship on thursday over to friday afternoon and then two hours later, we went and exchanged with some other peeps from friday over to saturday. It is really great to be able to serve with the people. 

One of the greatest things was reading in Mosiah and also recently from King Benjamin with how they lead and that is that they work side by side with the people that they are leading. I had a little taste of that feeling. I think that we will probably go on alot more exchanges this next move call. It is really fun. Great missionaries.

Good to hear that peeps are moving on with their lives and getting married like james, glen and elli. I actually got an invitation from James. I was going to write him back and tell him that he forgot to put the address of the place that he would be doing a reception in taiwan. Cool cousin.
 Well, I hope that all goes well this week!
-ELder Sanford