Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wacky is ten

We love our "Wacky".  She's a joy for our family!!  It's amazing that she is already 10.  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Sweet Wacky, Happy Birthday to you! WOW! ... a decade ... double digits ...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He's my Brother!

Happy, Happy Birthday John Dear , 
Happy days will come to you all year, 
If I had one wish, then it would be, 
a Happy, Happy Birthday to You from me!!!! 
I love You muchly Bro!!!!  
Have a great day & a super next year!!!           XxxxxOOooXxOxoo

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Middle School

Peterman petitioned and won the petition to attend Middle School.  The first day was an Orientation.  He loved it.  He got to eat lunch with his best friends even though he didn't have class with any of them.  Then reality hit hard on the 2nd day.  They haven't given him a locker yet--so he feels left out, and he doesn't have lunch with the friends he had hoped for (The first day was a fluke as far as lunch was concerned).  His very good friend so far hasn't even been able to ride the bus with him yet.  He was quite emotional about it all last night.  7th grade is SUCH a hard time to begin with.  I keep praying today will be better for him!  I'm going to, at least, call up there and see if we can fix the locker situation.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, Googla & I just went to Googla's Kindergarten Placement test.  Grueling---for me.  She said it was fun.  I think it's a test they give AFTER Kindergarten to see if they are ready for 1st grade.  For some reason Googs still has difficulty with the ABC's.  She gets it one day and then the next it's like she has to relearn it.  I know that children all learn at their own pace.  I wish I would know how to say things so she'd understand, and that things would stick.  It was hard sitting there and have her look confused and embarrassed, and not be able to help her.  The teacher was very nice and patient, and kept complimenting her.  I'm not ready to have her away from me, but the Kindergarten teachers at Farrer are SOOOOO nice, I know she'll do fine.  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the cut

1.before  2.after

jeff & whitney

at the reception i let "googs" use the camera she loved it so some of the pictures are hers. oh and dads from the phone. -lila
Yesterday my Jeff and I went to the LDS Bountiful Temple.  Our nephew Jeffrey Merrill married his sweet best friend Whitney Nowland.  We are so happy for them!  I became pretty emotional in the Temple.  I kept wishing my deceased Sister Jill could be there to see her son's wedding.  You know, I know she WAS there--I just wanted to see her.  I  felt her there, though. 

Jeff & Whitney have had a crazy-busy last week or so.  As nephew Jeff said, "I'm looking forward to just being Us."  They've travelled to and from Canada for an Open House. (Something I'm seeing more and more- Open Houses before the actual weddings.)  They got married, did the Luncheon & the Reception.  Today they travel to the east coast to Hilton Head to be "just them" for a few days, until another Reception.  They'll be back in UT next Sunday.  It's so fun for us that they'll live close to us.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Over

I decided to try & finish the book on August 13th (an important date in the story, in my estimation) before I went to sleep.  Mission accomplished. (Actually I finished @12:19--just after midnight--but it was still the 13th to me, because I hadn't gone to sleep yet.)  I love/loved this series!!!

I sorta get bummed when I'm done with a book/series, especially when I have given so much time to it. (I read the all four books in a week and a day--all 2,592 glorious pages.)  I came to understand and love the characters...Edward & Bella are so right for each other.  I was won over by Jacob finally--after HOW many pages?!  He doesn't annoy me anymore.  I adore Alice.  It's weird, but she reminds me of someone I know, so maybe I won't have to miss her character.  I will probably reread the books.   I enjoyed the "Twilight Tales"---it's been fun to talk about the book with so many friends....It's almost like "world-wide book club". 

As a Mom I need to put in a disclaimer:  These books are NOT for your pre-teen crowd! My soon to be 10 year old is not allowed to read these, so if any of you SEE her reading them--stop her, and call me!  I'm not sure I'm comfortable knowing my 14 year old read these...but she was reading--that's good, right?

I have a copy of  "the Host"  on loan from a friend.  I think I'll read it--to see if I like Stephenie's writing beyond the Twilight Tales...or maybe I should try to read the Harry Potter books?  Shocker--I couldn't get into JKRowling's style of writing. I know for sure I'll be reading Mary Higgins Clark's latest book.  My  turn finally came up at the Library.   :D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

: )

The Boy is back in town

Actually, the boy never left town.  He was just up the street @ BYU Startalk Chinese Camp--kinda quarintined...kept isolated...but now HE'S HOME!!!! Hallelujah!  I missed him so much, but I tried to not think about it, because it hurts to miss someone.  I kept looking forward to the day when he'd be back.  He seems taller and his hair is definitely longer.  He's such a good person and brings much peace and calm to our home.  I love him lots and lots and it's so great to have him back!

Monday, August 11, 2008

historical colors?

beginning Breaking Dawn

Well, I've just started "Breaking Dawn". I guess Jacob is ok. I still like Edward best. Alice is adorable! I really like Charlie... I think he must remind me of my own father? he kinda reminds me of Shawn's dad on Pysch? I'll be ready to chat more about the series in a few days!

Another subject: I didn't realize it would bother me to not be able to watch the Olympics. we decided to not have cable, way back in January. I only miss it during Conference weekend and now for the Olympics.

Jeff & I get to see Dib tomorrow...and then Dib COMES HOME on Wednesday. Yahoo!!!!

Life continues--I need to read some more.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ok...this is going to be quick.  I DID clean my house!  Hurrah!  I felt no guilt as I read yesterday afternoon...and the house still looks decent for a more peaceful Sunday.  I'll probably finish "Eclipse" tonight.  I'm not letting myself read more of it until AFTER Church.  

Dibs called last night.  :D  He has one more test, and lots more preparing for the Tuesday night end of Chinese Camp Banquet.  He will be playing guitar for a class song, and he's in a skit too, among other things. 

Right now I need to further prepare the Primary lesson I'll be teaching today.  It's a good one .  I love Primary!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

a small break from Stephenie

So, I'm on page 252 of "Eclipse".  Our house is really needing a deep cleaning, like I did about a month ago.  I'm going to TRY and not read on, when I get to the end of this chapter so I can clean the house.  hmmm...              Lila tells me that there's a point in "Breaking Dawn" when the story isn't going fast enough.  It's like you keep reading, but the story doesn't move, then suddenly around page 250 it picks up, and takes off, full steam ahead.  

Right now in "Eclipse" I'm at the campfire on the beach listening to the legends of the werewolves  (shouldn't it be spelled : warewolf, wherewolf, or wearwolf?  That's how we say it..not whurrwolf--like it's spelled.) Anyway...back to a few more pages of book, then CLEANING!!!!  Then I won't feel guilty reading the rest of the day, and on into "Showtunes Saturday Night".

Jeff has been the past few days going to SLC for the Outdoors Retailers Show.  He has a BLAST!!!  He always comes home with incredible freebies.  This time he worked in the UtiliKilt Booth 3 days.  He has 2 new kilts.  I like the chocolate one the best.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Okay, after much prodding I've succumbed.  I've been bitten!  I've now read "Twilight" and I'm 150 pages from the end of "New Moon".  I, like Bella thus far in my reading, like Edward better than Jacob.  Jacob seems a tad conceited...he's in the way as far as I'm concerned.  I do feel a little sorry for him, though.  I need to get back to the book.  I don't want any spoilers.  Thanks, any way...we'll talk when I'm done.  :D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Food Co-op

We belong to a food co-op.  It's really a great deal.  Check it out.  It's easy to join, and basically doesn't cost anything to join, just a few service hours a month.  Many of you probably are already giving over the number of service hours requested as you help out at Church or Scouts or PTA.  Look into this.  The more people who take advantage of these deals, the better deals we'll all get.  We get fresh food, and fresh meats without the overhead costs of a store.  The last day to order for August is on the 8th.  The food comes on the 23rd. Have a happy Tuesday. 

Sunday, August 3, 2008


The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me.  A viewing, a Baptism, a Funeral, Testimony meeting, Relief Society...there have been many tears shed...sad, happy, sad, sad & happy, sad & happy... I'm drained, and actually pretty thirsty.  But I feel that I've been fed.  My heart is happy, just a little tender today.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

more today

Jeff & I went to a funeral today.  The wife of one of Jeff's co-workers finally died after 8 or so years of battling cancer.  When we got home the kids were talking on the phone.  They were talking to Dib.  He was able to call and talk for a bit.  How Fun!!!  Tonight they were going to have a Chinese market.  He was preparing to sell caricatures.  They were to do their bartering and trading in Chinese.  I hope it was as fun as he imagined.

On another note.  Has anyone else noticed the stinky/foul air?  There is something growing and foaming in the gutter/old irrigation ditch.  Is this happening in the entire neighborhood?  Is it a by-product of dead animals or  stench related to WHAT? Is there a drug house dumping their gunk in the ditch?  Urp!  I wish the irrigation ditch could run again.  We had 'squitos, but not the stench!!! 

Tomorrow is Kristen's 27th Birthday.   We love her and Carlos!  They are so cool!!

ps--Shannon read "Breaking Dawn" in 11 1/2 hours.  Amber in around 13 1/2 hours....Lila & Clarence keep plugging on.  Good for them!

The day dawn is breaking

Last night Ingrid filled her van with 7 teenagers and went in search of "Breaking Dawn".  Actually it was much quicker and less painful than they had anticipated.  The plan changed several times as far as the transportation, but "Wallyworld" was always the place to go because it was less expensive.  She's an ingenious woman, so in keeping with that, she called Smith's before they began their trek.  There were only 6 in line, at that time.  They drove 5 minutes away and Lila was #17 in line. They ended up paying a few dollars more, but all agreed it was worth it for much less hassle!!   Clarence told me when they got home.  The book went on sale @ midnight.  They were home fifteen minutes later.  Record time--Yahoo!!!! They were able to get reading right away...that of course was the goal!  Ingrid went home, but the 7 gals are still in our yurt....reading.  Shannon will probably finish first.  Taylor & Amber are close behind.  Lila is taking her time.  I'm not sure where Michelle is in her reading.  Clarence & her friend from Provo HS Flags, ended up sleeping pretty quickly.  They were tuckered out from marching all day (8 a.m. 'til 4 p.m. ....they had that practice schedule all week.)  Dear Ann showed up around 2.  She had bracelet #507 from Borders.  She made her FABULOUS double chocolate brownies with cream cheese frosting, topped with red raspberries.  She skeedaddled home rather quickly as she was 2 hours behind in reading compared to the yurt gals.  I'm in the kitchen, now that "dawn has broken" I hear the gals chatting.  Just checked on them...they are having a grand time....cheezits & dr. pepper are helping someone stay awake....oh, to be young again....

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hey there lonely girl

So I sat down to the computer thinking that this was the time Dibs wrote last week. I was remembering a song from my childhood called ,"Hey there lonely girl". Before I knew it, a letter appeared from him, just when I was about to have a pity party. Here's part of the letter.  Here goes:
 hey what's up,
  i'm having so much fun at camp. the memorizing isn't as bad because it's pretty much habit for me. i actually want to come back next year, because i'm learning so much. there are a lot of fun things we do every day, from tai chi to calligraphy to "dragon ball z" fighting with matt to painting fans and of course learning a whole bunch. but of course i can't wait until i'm back. i miss you all a whole bunch. i'll be back home before you know it. wo ai ni. 
 I'm so glad he wrote!!!  This time next week it'll be just a few more days before he comes home. Hurrah!