Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trader Joe's

We went to Cupertino, CA for the Memorial Service of our dear Aunt Joann Minnick (Jeff's Mom's sister-in-law). Joann from day one welcomed me into the family. She and Uncle Bill travelled from CA to Manti, UT to come be a part of our wedding. She would from time to time (probably twice a year for the last nearly 22 years) call and touch bases with us. She genuinely was concerned with us and what was happening in our lives. She was a wonderful lady! On Saturday a.m. we were invited to a Family Breakfast. We wanted to bring some juice to share so we walked down the street to Trader Joe's . That was a bright spot in our day on Saturday. I miss Aunt Joann, but I hope to keep her memory alive by being kind and nice and to out-of-the-blue call and talk to a family member that doesn't expect to hear from me...just to talk, to listen, and let them know I care.