Monday, September 29, 2008

HB to Dibs

Happy Seventeenth Birthday to our little Dibs!  You are such a peacemaker and an essential part of our family!  I love you and am thankful you are my son.  I look back and see how fast time has gone...I look forward and realize time will only continue to pick up momentum...and you'll be in the MTC in 2 years...wah!  But that time will speed by too...cross my fingers. Thank you for being so wonderful!  Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

homecoming on the roof

dinner set up
them eating
us eating (me and sarah, jeff is taking the picture)

Dibs with 2 of his friends planned a surprize dinner for the 3 gals they took to Homecoming. Jeff got it all set up on the roof at Provo HS.  After the kids continued on, to the Dance, Jeff and I began tidying up the table.  We heard the ceramics teacher in the parking lot.  We invited Sarah to join us, up on the roof.  What a nice time.  Sarah had to get back to the Dance to chaperone, and we picked up the party and went home.  

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Googlah!  What a sweet Baby!!!  We're so glad you're in our truly complete us.  Thank you for coming to this world on Grandma Jude's Birthday six years ago--(bright and early enough so Papi didn't have to drive the school bus that day--and he could be there for your birth.)  You have a special birthday buddy.  I love you Baby Girl!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, I guess I shouldn't have posted about my "free time".  I no longer have it.  I was asked to help fill-in at Farrer Elementary while one of the "Title One" ladies is recuperating from surgery.  Last week was my first week.  I'll probably be needed for another month.  It'll be nice to hopefully pay down some medical bills with the income.  I'm at the same school as our 2 youngest daughters.  I even get to be the "vigilante" on lunch recess duty, so I see the gals playing with their friends after lunch.  I like seeing them!  This is a crazy busy time for Church stuff, too.  There are Ward Conferences and Ward Councils to attend, as well as training things going on... and rechartering.  LOTS of busy stuff!!!!!  Oh, and I'm needing to find performers for holiday related family entertainment for the Gingerbread Festival in November at Thanksgiving Point...but RIGHT NOW it's time for getting lunches made & people ready for school....plug my nose and dive in!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

the stare down

does this remind you of any one?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Tuesday
Lots going on, but I just really want to sleep!  It's so strange that I come home from walking the gals to school and I can sleep, or read.  I really should be getting more of a responsible schedule going, like Monday: mopping, Tuesday: laundry, and so on.  I'm just about ready to do that, but for today I guess I'm still a bit lazy...

I have even skipped talk radio for a few days.  It's soo nice to sleep naps, since I seem to not be sleeping well at night.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday blues on Tuesday

This morning was really hard!  Googs was sad and insistent that she wouldn't be going to school today.  I felt my heart break as I wanted to LET her stay with me.  I feel super guilty for not Home Schooling her, as I did her siblings.  I really can't be thinking about this so much, it's painful.  I walked to school with Wacky & Googla.  We gave hugs to Wacky and then strolled to the Kindergarten rooms.  Mrs. Bevan was so happy to see my Baby.  Googs looked up at me and I gave her a hug, and encouraged her to go into her classroom.  I let Mrs. Bevan know that Googla hadn't wanted to come today.  She'll watch to see if Googs is ok. 

It's nice that I could walk home with Bethany, and then Sariah came to help me can tomatoes...we put up 7 quarts.  :)  
Lila was so good to email me--she's pretty intune with my feelings.  Thanks!!!

But, I miss my babies...that part went too fast !!!!  Has anyone ever heard of "postpartum blues" nearly six years late?