Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mish mash of Emotions

I keep wishing my days away. Wishing for time when I can be lazy and scuttle about the house as I please. Next week Thanksgiving will be here. I'll have a few days off from work then. Those days will be filled with family and food and fun. That I guess really IS what I want; to be with family AND to be less restricted by school schedules.

Can I admit I'm really missing Colby?!! As he paid attention to what was happening around him he could walk into the room and perform peacemaking miracles. That lifesaving trait is being fine-tuned now. I can't spend a lot of time thinking about him because it too easily becomes a pity party. I want him here with us, with friends, with me! But I want him there...with the Lord...more.

My emotions are very close to the surface. I'm going to try to make that a positive, good thing!!! It's Wednesday, Colby's 5th Wednesday in the MTC. He and his companion (Elder Bryce Olsen of Orem) have just been named Zone Leaders. He will be an Elder helping and welcoming other Elders into Missionary service today. What a treat for some Elder today!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Wednesday the 10th 0f November I got to be a Backstage Mom. I volunteered to help preserve calm backstage at "Alice in Wonderland's" dress rehearsal. It was fun and pretty laid back. The performers are 12-14 years old. They were all nice and not back talkers. Hallelujah! They were unified in making the show the best possible show. I got several pics. Junie is the one and only Wonderland Creature-Elephant. She named her elephant headdress "Juno". She has had a blast! Next year she'll want to be in the Musical too. Next week she has an in-class performance of a mini-musical Charlie Brown. She is Schroeder. I can't wait to see it. In the mean time here are some "Alice" pics.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When Junie came home from play practice on Monday she declared that she thought SHE had strep. Once again I peered down a throat. Yep, I was suspicious of her condition. We headed over to Instacare. The strep test was positive. She "took one for the gipper"--- a penicillin shot in her posterior. The shots ARE painful, but they're done and over in 5 minutes. Esther is savoring the "pink juice" 2 times a day until sometime next week. All of the kids will be in school today. I am considering a trip over to the Penicillin Palace as soon as I get Esther to school and Mirielle to work. All of my recent flashlight peeking down throats, and breathing-in their infirm air may have done me in.

ps--I DID go to the Penicillin Palace. I merely have a sore throat. No strep for me--hopefully. One quick test said "No". The 2 day test results will be back in 2 days.

Monday, November 8, 2010

at home today

Googs has been dragging a bit. Yesterday she told me her throat and tummy hurt. She also had mentioned a headache somewhere in the mix of the last few days. She said she felt yuckky like she did when she had to have her appendics removed. That was nagging in the back of my brain. After Sacrament Meeting I asked to borrow Jeff's flashlight and I peered down her throat. Yep the cottage cheese-like infection was staring back at me. I interrupted our friend and the "ward Doctor" to come and see. I was going to ask if I should take her to Instacare. He asked questions and assessed the situation. She IS the lucky recipient of Strep. He confirmed my suspicions. I am grateful that he truly is on-call 24/7. What a nice man. We are trying to think of a way to repay him. Googla is medicated and home from school--at least for today. (We don't want her spreading the strep.) I'm home, too. I like it best when I'm home. It feels right! I'm going to do some pre-Thanksgiving baking. It's raining and cold...perfect for baking. Cosy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today was Jeff's first time at conducting Sacrament Meeting. He did a great job! He was very nervous, but it all turned out fine. He was reading the names of people who have recently moved into our ward. He said, "Those who are present please stand...and I suppose if you're not present you may remain seated." Everyone laughed. During his testimony he shared a story about when he backed over a new Hyundai car in a school bus (the car was driven by a newly licensed 16 year old gal who pulled her car extremely close to the tail end of the bus--it was so close it couldn't be seen in the rearview mirror). His boss said to him in his very expensive training meeting, "Gee Jeff, life is hard, but it's a lot worse when you do stupid things." In the course of Jeff's testimony he explained that Christ atoned for all of our sins and he atoned for the little empty spots and times when we do stupid things. We are commanded to "Be Happy." Guess what, when we turn over our sad feelings and stupid deeds to Christ, He will help us to "Be Happy" and He will make things right!! I felt the Spirit strongly testify of the truth of Jeff's words.

I am daily and forever thankful that the Lord lead me to Jeff and/or lead Jeff to me, and that of all the people in the world Jeff decided to share eternity with ME!!!