Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jeff!!!

Yesterday the gal in charge of "Christmas Choir" warm-ups, came a little earlier than usual.  I went over to her and asked if we could sing "Happy Birthday" to Jeff.  She said it would be fine.  We kept doing arpeggios, or whatever they are called, then she said, "Let's try this one and fill in the name: Jeff."  She proceeded to play the Happy Birthday song.  Jeff was Birthday serenaded at 7:05 a.m. in 4 part harmony.  It was enjoyable for all of us.  Jeff was puzzled.  He didn't realise I had talked to Fauneil, and arranged the event.  Pretty fun!

We gave him the balance of his presents at dinner--"Hamburgers in Mushroom soup" and mashed potatoes.  I gave him his lovely resized and polished wedding band at Tucano's.  I gave him a new orangeish-brown-with-burgandy-stripes sweater at the Sorensen's on Friday (Check out "Sanford & 'Sens" blog from 30 Nov, 2008).   Lila gave Jeff a surprise from iTunes: "I think we're all bozos on this bus" by The Firesign Theatre.  Dibs gave yet another installment of the comic book "Max and Pal, his dog." Dibs has been adding to the saga year after year--for sure on Birthdays, and sometimes for Christmas & Father's day.  The little gals took their showers without a fight, as a gift to Jeff.  Peterman wrote "Best Dad" in his best calligraphy penmanship on one of his Dominoes and awarded it to Jeff.  Jeff got new boots (made in America), a few new t-shirts, some new sheets, "Batteries not included" dvd, and some "Craisins" trail mix.  In case you were wondering---The "partridge in a pear tree" is busy this time of year or he would have gotten one of them, too. ;)   Our good friend Sara came over. She's so fun to be around, she keeps us laughing, and she's a great story teller.
We love Jeff so much!  He's a fantastic husband, a great provider, a wonderful Dad, a creative Mr. Fix-it, a treasured friend, a kilt maker & wearer, and genuinely a nice guy! Besos y abrazos!

oh so thankful

Wow---that week went fast!  It was great to have Jeff's  sister (Emi) and her family (Micah, Daniel & Phebe) in town.  We shared a lot of meals and fun times!  I wish other siblings lived close enough to see so often.  Jennifer & David live in Nephi, so we see them every month or so, but I long for a closer family relationship...that's where Ingrid & Norm and their family come into the picture....we love being around all of them, and are thankful to have them so close! 

It's crazy that tomorrow is 1 December.  Where did this past year go?  Yes, half the year I was a crazed American Idol addict, and then I became a Twilighter when AI there you have it. I've made several baby quilts this year. In the middle in there somewhere the Stake got realigned and I was without a calling, and then given the same one again....and then there was the whole Cub Scout fiasco.  And the Gingerbread festival & Stake/Ward council & Conferences... and Primary Programs to watch.  My wonderful parents and 2 of my fabulous brothers came to visit...a charming nephew got married... I subbed at school, and made a little money.... As I think about the year, I guess it has been long afterall... a long fast/fast long.  Weird, but oh so good.

I am so very Thankful to Heavenly Father who has put wonderful people in my life, in my path.  I've learned so much from them, and I am amazed at/by them!  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

jeffs birthday date @ tucanos

his birthdays not till the 29th but it sure was yummy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

THANKS to Lila.  She's my "blog artist".  The other day she googled Gingerbread House Festival labels on blogger and found a really cute blog.  I asked her to change my page, yet again, and she did so quite easily.  She's fantastic!!! 

Last night it was Lila's turn to give the Family Night Lesson.  She taught about being Thankful. We have a list we're filling in of "I am Thankful for...".  She's way up there on the top of mine...and that's not merely because she changes my blog layouts.  She's amazing, she's a great chef, a caring oldest sis, and so helpful-- just to name a few things!!!!!   I love you Lila, Ma     :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy b-day

Happy Birthday Jason...on the 14th, and Happy Birthday Jared...on the 16th.  It's weird that my "Little Brothers" are turning 38 and 40....yes, I said little brothers.  So that makes me REALLY OLD!!!!  I love those guys and hope they are happy and well!  Hugs Bros!

Gingerbread House Festival

Yahoo! It's finally here.  Today & Friday (1-9), and Saturday (10-6)  is the Gingerbread House Festival at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.  It's so fun!  It's fun family times for not so much moolah!  Come have fun...see all of the cool and amazing houses made by professionals and regular folks, too...see the House that the Afterschool Art Class from Farrer Elementary School made...there are great entertainments acts set to perform, too... a cookie decorating corner...Eric Dowdle art...Gift Baskets...a Country Store by Tai Pan Trading company---something for everyone---and the proceeds go to Utah PTA and the Boy Scouts of America. Check out the site.  Hope to see you there.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

first fill up.....

the receipt from the first fill up with the natural gas converter in our car. yay $6.38 for a full tank of gas.

Today's tangent

I opened "Waterford" this morning.  That means I unlocked the doors and started the computers for the Waterford pilot learning center that is set-up in the Bonneville Stake Center Family History lab.  I love Waterford!  Wacky learned to read through the program.  I used to open the center  2 or 3 times a week depending on what year it was.  Now that Googla is in school I don't have a regular shift.  It's kinda sad to be there without Wacky or Googla.  Googs is using the "Headsprout" computer program at Farrer Elementary.  It's good, a little bit different approach than Waterford, but still good.  Googs is ready to be reading.  She loves to sound out words.  I'm so happy for her!  This morning at scriptures she knew many of the words in her verse. It makes her happy! She wants to be able to read so she can really join in. Next we need to get her some shoes that are laced so she can learn to tie them.  Baby is growing up!!!  :) 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the morning after

Well my sister Jonna said it just the way I feel.  She said she's "hoping the thread that the Constitution is clinging to will be strong enough." 

Although I obviously would have preferred the Presidential Election  go a different way, I am happy the local elections turned out the way they did.   I do have confidence that locally we can make a difference.  It was nice to not have to listen to the drama of the "hanging chad".. :)  Okay, I am trying to look for positives.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


vote for cleverest costume goes to.........drum roll......... Nathanial & Calixta Ashby.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I didn't get to vote yet

Okay, who was I did I entertain the idea of actually getting to the polls EARLY.  I ended up staying up ALL night Thursday, doing the snail-paced version of sewing.  After I took the gals to school I laid down to sleep, and for the first 20 minutes I slept, then I woke up every 15 minutes, afraid I had missed Googla's Party...The phone rang and that ended my try at a nap.  I guess I ran on 45 minutes sleep until 1:30 when Farrer Elementary was out.  I hibernated for 2 hours or so on the front room sofa.  That was some GOOD sleeping..deep sleep...ahhhh!  I again thought about voting then, but was not able to.  Lila is such a wonderful help.  When she's around I can nap and she'll "cover for me".  Some of the pumpkins got carved sometime in the day...
I have no other choice: I'll brave the rain and crowds tomorrow and vote then.  I'm really anxious for this to be over, so we can get back to real life again...I just hope it won't fall all to pieces.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

little flashes of a fun filled halloween

yum mint 3 musketeers & sugar babies 

goo, lila, dib
the trick or treaters