Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gabriel Johnson, Claire Sanford, Amanda Ahlman, Jacob Bigler
Last week was Prom.  Claire went with a nice guy named Gabriel Johnson.  She had a great time.  her best friends were in her group.  That means they all went on a day date and then to dinner and to prom together.  I understand they even went on a stroll in the local Macey's Grocery store.  I guess coming down the majestic steps of the Library wasn't enough "airtime".

You might wonder why Claire has a black heart on her dress.  SHE DOESN'T.  It's an arrangement of peacock feathers.  She really wanted to jazz up her dress, so she did.  I think she looks beautiful.

This picture is of Claire and her best friend Amanda and their dates.
This is Colby's 69th week on the Island, and here's his letter:

I really like what you said about the Atonement. It sounds like it was really well thought out. Elder Zhuang is entering his last few move calls and keeps reminding me of how old he is. I have been in the office a lot longer than I thought I would have been. It seems like Elder Zhuang will be getting a  new guy to train as a new Recorder on Monday and that will go for 3 weeks as a 3 some. and then I think I may have as much as one more move call in the office before getting out. We'll see, it may be more. Most are in for 3 and it's already been 3.5. I'm loving it though.
 It is raining a lot here. 
 We have one guy who we have been working with that is doing good. He should be baptized in the end of the month. We finally got to meet at his house the other day and found out that it was a 9x9 room with a bed and a lap top. A little bit sad. I got to see into who he is kind of a little bit more. I could see that we need to get him some pictures of Christ to hang on his wall. We went to storage today and picked something nice that is framed. There is good power in art.
 I had a chance to help give a blessing to one of the brothers in the english branch the other day. He is in the hospital across the street. For the first time, I really felt the weight of what I was saying as I had my hands on his head. That I use Priesthood power that I am worthy of and is real and I do it in the name of Christ who makes this all possible just makes it so real. I know that the things that he was blessed with are true.
 Well, I'm just trucking along and having a good time. I hope you have a good time as well. The technique with the vacuum is tough at first but once you get the swing down it flows pretty well. It took me a while. It's hard to think I did it for so long. But yes, that was finite too. 
 Have a good week