Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a girl

I'm SOOO happy that one of my dearest friends had her baby this afternoon!  She didn't find out babies' gender beforehand.  IT'S A GIRL.  She weighs 8 pounds + .  She's healthy.  That's all I know so far.  Maybe I'll post a pic as soon as I get one.  I'm sure she's as cute as a bugs ear!!!  Have you ever seen one?  Pretty cute!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

inch by inch row by row

Look at our garden grow. Isn't it fun. Just thinking about gardens reminds me of a song that David Mallet wrote and originally sang, "Garden Song". The lyrics are a true gem. Well, finally our tomatoes and broccoli are coming in. The onions (bottom left) are almost done yay! We got our food co-op order today so we have fresh greens, fruits & veggies, but i can't wait 'til we get to eat our own...there's nothing better than a sun ripe, sunny warmed tomato, picked fresh from the garden.  I love to eat them like apples.  I can almost feel the juice running down my chin now.  Heaven!!! 

children's parade

these are little bits from the children's parade that i took. 

top left: Goo & Cam playing dolls,  top right: Dib, Dottie & Mom, 
next row L.: a plane with 5 girls,  R: wagon train, 
next row L: Provo high marching band banner, R: Clarence in PHS color guard, 
bottom L: Goo too close to camera, bottom R: Aud, Cam & Goo mesmerized by the too 
fast traffic only seconds after parade was done. (SLOW DOWN please!!!!!!!!!!)
PS- if you click on the picture, it should open a new or the existing window to a bigger picture.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

This Beautiful Old House

Jeff & Clarence finished the eyebrow window installation, Peterman helped paint the trim yellow....YAHOOOOOO!!!  They've done an EXCELLENT job!  It's cool that Jeff found green shingles--people walking by probably don't realize that anything has changed.  Inside is so much brighter in the TV room-we really won't need the light on much in the day now.   

We got back from St. George (Santa Clara) @ about 6 p.m.  My brother John and I got into his jeep an hour later and headed to Manti, to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant.  There's bunches more to write, but I 'll have to do that later!

It's so good to be home...  I still can't believe that this is our home -- it's so pretty!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Santa Clara

Momma, Daddy, John & Jared DID make it to our house yesterday about 3 p.m. We (they and Lila, Dibs,Wacky, Googlah & I) went 3 1/2 hours south to Santa Clara,UT.  My sis Jonna and her lovely family lives in southern Utah.  Traveling seems to really take a great toll on Daddy, and Momma, too.  We crammed into my 11 passenger Ford van and travelled ahead.    

Southern UT is so beautiful!!!  I really would have a rough time living there without a swamp cooler, air conditioner, or another air refrigeration device, though.   

It's heavenly to be with so many loved ones!!!  I miss my Jeff, Clarence, and Peterman, though.  I hope they're having a great time.  Peterman is at a week long youth camp through Provo School District.  Jeff had to stay in Provo because of work.  Clarence had mandatory Flag Corp practice & a parade.  Dibs got to come because he sorely hurt his left shoulder.  They gave him the rest of the week off to recuperate.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm biting my fingernails

Ok-yes, I'm biting my fingernails...anyone who knows me, knows that I DO bite (my fingernails), quite often....but I have a good reason today.  My brothers John & Jared, and Mom & Dad are in transit.  They are on their way west.  The plan is that they'll go as far as Cheyenne and then evaluate.  If they think the rest of the trek is going to be too hard on them, they'll turn around and head BACK "east" to Missouri.  I HoPe, HOpE, HOPe that they'll decide to keep coming to Utah!!  It's only 8 or so hours from Cheyenne to Provo.  Hopefully, they'll pull in around 4 or 5 tomorrow evening.  I should stop biting my nails so it'll be easier to cross my fingers.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

then and now

sorry for the dark picture i tried to fix it but this is as good as it gets. enjoy.-lila

let me explain

I've got some "splain'in" to do....  Several years ago a friend gave us a picture of our house that he found in the records office downtown.  We hadn't known it at one time existed, but there it was in plain sight: an eyebrow window.  Ever since he gave us the photo we've had it framed hanging inside, beside our front door.  We've dreamed of "making it right", putting the eyebrow back.  Lately Jeff & Dibs have been riding their bikes to work.  Friday afternoon, biking home, they noticed that the Old Brown Victorian on 4th east and 5th north was getting a new roof installed.  Jeff came to a screeching halt.  He asked the roofer if they were going to be reinstalling the "eyebrow" that they had just thrown to the ground.  Rooferdude said he thought they were just "pitching it".  After a phone call to the foreman Jeff was told he could HAVE IT.  He sped home for the truck and 20 minutes later he began the task of stripping the old paint off of the window frame.  The original glass is cracked, it took the 20 foot fall, but we're going to leave it and caulk it or something...the small crack is to the side, very overlook-able.  Jeff isn't done with the project, but it's well on  the way.  So fun!!  I still can't believe that they just GAVE it to us.  We never would have been able to afford to do this project.  

I wonder when our eyebrow was plucked out of our roof?  We can tell by the attic that our roof has suffered a fire in it's history.  The original beams are charred with new ones next to them.  I'm guessing our original eyebrow met it's demise in that incident.  

It's amazing to think we actually are doing this!  I think the original builder is happy for us to live in this house!!!  So many things have happened to help us make the house right again--what a blessing...we're so thankful!         :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the continuation of the new project

dib is the first head to peak out of the roof.
peterman is the second.
doesn't the house look great with the new addition.

the new project

Monday, June 9, 2008

yesterday Lila turned 19

  Yesterday our firstborn turned 19.  I'm pretty sure that makes me... ummm ... yes, OLD!  It was fun to go in search of the best gift for her.  May I mention: don't forget great things can be found not only on eBay, but at the local pawn shop.  We got her a Sony camera.  She loves taking pics.  She's a true artist.  I love the things she creates... food, art (drawings, paintings), clothes... everything!  She's amazing.  I love the feeling she puts across in her writings.  I'm anxious to see her new photo creations.  

Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm still here

Wow! School is over! The month of May was so incredibly BUSY at Farrer Elementary School. The Carnival was the first weekend. The next weekend was the PTA Convention, then Spring Clean-up. Then it was Field day, the Talent Show, 6th Grade Graduation, and the Balloon Release & Dance Festival. Suzanne will officially take over as the PTA Pres. on 1 July. I complete my duties on the 30th. That's in 27 days, but really honestly, who is counting?

Jeff asked me what I was going to do now that school is over and PTA will soon not be my responsibility. I answered :"Work on Gingerbread House." This spring when I was at Woodbadge I met an incredible lady- Anita Keller. She is "over" the Gingerbread House Festival in November @ Thanksgiving point. She asked if I would help her with the festival. I was a little scared to commit, but I guess I got over that, because I am going to help find family friendly entertainment for the festival. Since the funds from the Festival go to benefit Children's programs (Scouts & PTA) I need to find Children's performing groups. Lila will help me. We've gone up to the Festival the last 2 seasons as volunteers at the Cookie decorating corner. It's a fun tradition we have going now! I love it!!... and Jeff is so supportive of my "crazy whims." I love him muchly!!!!!