Friday, October 26, 2012

13/14 October, 2012

 Well, as expected, I had a wonderful time at conference. In my notes, I put stars next to my favorites that I need to look up and study as soon as possible. Dieter F. Uchtdorf Sat. morning, Robert C. Gay Sat. afternoon, D. Todd Christofferson Priesthood, Jeffery R. Holland Sunday morning, Daniel L Johnson Sunday afternoon. One of my questions was how do I take what I have learned and become and make it stick in my old environment? I not only got answers on how to do it, but as I consistently thought of the question that I had, I received a desire to do the things that I needed to do. And I just need to say how much I love David A. Bednar. He speaks clearly and powerfully and is organized in every single word that he says. 

 Other than that, This week was pretty intense. We went on 3 companion exchanges. I am continually impressed by the quality of the missionaries in my zone. They really are all top notch. Elder Woolsey, who just moved in, is a new senior and district leader in a new area and he is doing really well. He is very crisp. That is just the word that comes to mind. Sharp.

 One of our really great investigator friends came to english for the first time. His English is actually pretty good it turns out. Every week, I teach the Advanced English which turns out to be just practicing our conversation. Anyways, he came for his first time and despite his super good english, he didn't have an english name. So I wrote three names up on the board that sounded kind of like his Chinese name and gave him the option. He picked Logan. Good name. He is really cool and has big thick rimmed glasses. He is actually from the place that my companion Elder Bailey just came from. He is progressing along quite well. 

It is always an interesting experience to teach somebody who has no belief in God and see them slowly start to believe as they do the things that we ask them to do. It may take awhile longer before he is baptized, but he has started to make that change. It really is a feeling. And it comes over time by exercising faith. I am grateful that I have had a chance to meet this cool kid, Logan. 

 My companion and I have a chance to go up to the North to do a training on the culture of our mission. There is something that we say. it is "You2 Ban4 Fa3". It pretty much means, there is a way. When we are faced with difficulties, we often say "you ban fa" and then find a way to make things work. This is a way to display faith. The presentation is going to be pretty fun and intense. We put together a monologue from the scriptures and are also giving them a book mark with the definition of "you ban fa". Elder Bailey owned a business before coming on his mission, so it is really fun to do presentations with somebody who knows what he is doing. 
 I hope you have a wonderful week!

-Elder Sanford

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wasn't General Conference glorious!!!  As the word of the adjustment of missionary ages came out of the Prophet's mouth tears streamed down my face.  I love missionary work, it's near and dear to my heart!  Colby will be returning from Taiwan in a few short weeks.  With the change of ages Claire will be eligible to serve in February.  She'll finish her Dental Assisting Course in the summer, and then she wants to go on a mission.  I'm so excited for her. Logan will be going in 2 short years. (Looking forward it seems short, but while he's out it'll probably seem long.) He no longer will have to wait a year after his High School graduation until he's 19. Honestly, it's a blessing and answer to my prayers.  I've seen friends of Colby as they've waited until they turn 19 to go on the mission.  The waiting game has been hard on some of them.  Logan said, "I'd better start saving my money now."  He had thought he'd have a year after High School to work and save. I keep rambling.  I'm so happy!!!  Jeff and I both served fulltime missions.  As I heard Conference I felt the desire to get back out there.  We plan on going on a mission, but that'll have to wait at least 8 more years. We'll just keep trying to serve here where we are.  The Lord is good!  The Gospel is true!!!!

Colby's two year mark as a missionary is on the 13 of October. He returns the 6 of November. We are all anxious to see him.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I miss her

She doesn't work at our school anymore.  She's helping out at the University now. Good for her! Sad for me.   I don't see her as often.  We don't get to talk to each other as much as we used to.  I know it needs to be this way.  Children need their own lives. It's supposed to be this way, but I still miss her.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy re-Birthday Elder Sanford

For Colby's 21st Birthday he got to baptize two people. Yay!!! What a fabulous gift. He's sharing his birthday with these two sisters.  It's now their "re-birthday."  That's what it's all about!  :)