Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trivial, I know, but I wonder who will win American Idol Tonight.?  I was an Adam fan at the beginning, but as the season has gone along I'm liking Kris more.  Adam IS incredibly talented.  I'm appreciative that HE isn't forcing his "private persuasion" down our throats, it's the media talking it up that annoys me.  Kris will have a better chance at a long career if he comes in 1st.  Adam will have a career no matter what. Last year I was more anxious to find out the "winner".  I still think David Archuleta should've won, but he's done fine (and has more freedom) as a 2nd place winner.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Second" 15th Birthday-- What a girl wants!

It was payday yesterday and Jeff & I were @ thing lead to another and it's "Happy Birthday" again to Clarence. (Deja vu.) Jeff handed her a small bag with a lock in it, and she looked at it and said, "Cool, I got a bike lock"...then the "light bulb turned on" she said "wait--is there a bike? Where is it?", and then she went on a hunt.  Lila got part of "the hunt" on her camera.  Hopefully this bike will stay around our house longer.  We've moved the rack to a more secluded location--harder (hopefully) for delinquents to access!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tin design

This is the design of the ceiling tile from "M-BOSS".   The name is "Queen Victoria", number 1204-N.   I can't wait, but I guess I have to!

Monday, May 11, 2009

tin ceiling

a video of when my mom saw her presents yesterday

the deck

Well, Papi did this project right before Easter & Spring Break.   What used to be a window opening in the south wall of the computer room, is now a door opening.  We've had the green house in place for years, but now it's usable.  There is a deck--that he and Peterman constructed...Clarence thinks this is her tanning booth, Peterman thinks it's a conservatory where he can practice his cello. Dibs takes time with his guitar out there, as well as Lila with her computer.... The younger gals think it's a stage.  It's fun to have, whatever the use.  Thanks Papi!!!!

the $5.oo door installed--now time to install the deck...

walk straight out of the computer room &"on stage"...

looking up...our house of glass
The Rowes gave us cedar to put around the edges...pretty frame!  Thanks!
It's nice to watch the weather from our glass room.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon...It's not been so quiet here in Provo, though.  Monday Night we had a "Several Families Service Project" to clean, weed, and plant the flower beds at Farrer Elementary School.  The Single Adult Ward came to help out too.  On Tuesday Peterman had an Orchestra Concert.  Wednesday I went to a Pack meeting and then to a den meeting.  Thursday was Ward Temple Night.  Friday was the Farrer carnival.   We took in $2120.30--we're still tallying the expenses, but I guess we profited $1000+.  Yahoo!   This morning my dear friend Ingrid invited me to a brunch in honor of mothers, put on by the local chapter of American Mothers. The boy who started the "No Cussing Club" spoke, along with some very nice amazing ladies. Then we went to a brunch for our ward.  The event was called a Garden Party.  Everyone brought fruit, scones, egg-based dishes and enjoyed munching together.  Then  we went to different workshops about Gardening... preparing for a garden, gardening, and storage of the produce.  We really need to figure out a cold storage system.  Jeff took the kids to do Mom's Day Shopping.  While they're gone I'm going to finish the newest Mary Higgins Clark book.  TaaaTaaa.....  :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When it's springtime in the Rockies

Papi and the other leaders took the YM on a hike up Rock Canyon tonight.  Here's darling Dib, our artist-- always sketching.  The weather has been so beautiful these past few days.