Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm voting early tomorrow for McCain

Well.  I should be sewing more on the "Penelope" coat, but my thoughts aren't allowing me to sit still...I'm going to vote tomorrow--early.  I know people are caught up in the romanticism of CHANGE... WE NEED CHANGE.  I agree things need to change, but I'm convinced that the one who professes to be a type of "Messiah of Change" (Obama) wants our country to CHANGE too much.  He flat out wants Socialism.  Redistribution of wealth---since when is it fair to work by the sweat of ones brow and because one makes enough money for ones needs and more, that that excess be taken from one and given to someone who doesn't have the same amount of $--most likely someone who isn't a citizen or someone who isn't interested in working to take care of himself. People who earn $ need to be able to have the free agency to use their earned $ how they see fit.  They need to be able to choose if they want to share, with whom, and they even need to be able to have the freedom to NOT share.  So that's one thing that bugs me...

Don't even get me started on the topic of Abortion.  THAT is reason enough to vote against Obama's party which happens to agree, in it's basic platform, with Abortion...

Yes, I'm voting for McCain.  Obama is "hip and cool" and no doubt a nice guy.  He seems swell.  But does that qualify him for the most important/influential position in the world?  McCain actually has spent his life in the service of our country.  Obama has served 4 years as a Senator--2 of them hardly count because he's been on the campaign trail for 2 years....

My words aren't words of a learned person, but I know what is right "for me and my house"...I'll vote in accordance with that.  That is what is so wonderful about our country--freedom to choose...may we never be fooled into squandering away the precious fought-for-freedom, because someone seems "hip and cool".

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

another pic of the wanted coat

Back Home

I'm back Home after my stint as a sub for a lady who had an operation and 2 others that had vacation.  I need to make a Penelope coat (purple with red trim and fabulous buttons) for Wacki for Halloween.  We gave her the fabric way back at the end of August for Birthday...but then I began "subbing".  I think I'm going to go over to Church to cut this out.  I was pondering the idea of lying the fabric on the edge of the stage, and then pinning it & cutting it out without a near-death-to-my-back experience.  Hmmm.  I have keys.  The Mommies group will be there in 1  1/2 hours.  That just might be enough time to get it all cut out.  Better get out of here.  I just realized that I might be in charge of Wacki's halloween party at school.  I'd better contact her teacher today!  I'll be helping with Googla's party.  Thankfully they are supposed to be at different times.   Better go.  
Have a great lovely autumn day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

this past week

It has been a very Happy Birthday week to me!   

On the 16th my VT came to wish me a Happy bday, and on the 17th brought over a fantastically scrumptious Apple pie--in a pie plate that is mine to keep--I feel spoiled!

One of the gals at school gave me a cute bag of "lotions and potions".  So nice ! 

At the Chili Cookoff, on the 18th, I had many people who wished me a Happy early B-day. 

My B-day is really on the 19th and I have had a greeting of some sort every day since!  People are so nice to me!  I really need it AND appreciate it!!!!! 

Jeff gave me a FABULOUS stainless steel-used-to-be-at-school fridge.  It was broken so it couldn't be sold off at the school surplus auction/sales.  Jeff takes the "it can't be fixed challenge" almost daily and 99.9% of the time it IS fixable...that is the case with my fridge.  Jeff is amazing and I'm still pinching myself to try and understand how I am so lucky to have him as my husband!  He's a tremendous blessing in my life! THANKS!!!!

The kids made a great sign for me that they all worked on. I need to post photos so you can see how nice & fun it was.  Gracias!

Momma & Daddy phoned--I love to hear their voices!!! 

Jenny Sanford called.  We got to talk a few short minutes.  I miss her!!!! ( Thanks for the WalMart  $ card--I bought a much needed belt.) 

My big Sis Jan facebook-wished me a happy b-day.  :) ... so did lots of my friends!.. and Jessica & Shellie Happy Blogged me.  :) 

My sis Jolene phoned me.  We had a fun time.  I got to tease my bro-in-law for being ancient, he is after all 3 whole days older than I am.

 A neighbor borrowed our plunger one morning a few weeks ago.  She brought us a THANK YOU Sweet Potato pie. Yummmm!

Kanani, Alice, and Keiko gave me Chocolate and a nice card.  :)

One of the gals I used to visit teach gave me some Chocolate Chip Cookies.

One of the nice Grandma's in our ward walked 3 blocks to my house to give me a  B-day card because I wasn't in our ward on Sunday (I was at the 8th Ward, Ward conference) 

My dear friend brought me a beautiful autumn colored bouquet with a sweet note. :)

I got a very nice phone call from a friend who couldn't drive to see me because she's just had eye surgery.

My sister Jonna emailed and then phoned me.  I wish I could see all of my family again soon!
My John Flankin Boy (my brother) sent me a dvd of our Winnetonka High School Marching Band.  SOOO Fun!  He also sent 2 Cherry Mashes, and a cd/dvd storage pack thingy. Yahoooo!

My bro-in-law called--that was a treat! 

Even last night my friend Jane asked if I had had a good b-day.

So, this has been an incredible week--I'm so thankful for everyone who took a little extra time to smile at me and well-wish me.  You've encouraged me to be a kinder person!  Thanks for being so nice to me!  Really Thanks!                           

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy EARLY Birthday to me

TOday the gals in "Title One" sang to me for my upcoming Birthday.  Lila and Dollie planned a party for me.  They all brought treats to share.  Somehow Lila make a fabulous cake and brought it to school without me knowing.  I shared my party with Cathy.  We welcomed her back after her recuperation.  These past few days I've been filling-in for Nanette, as she is in New York--it's unfair!  Next week I'll sub for Jennifer.  She's even more unfair...she's "unfairer"!!!  She's going to Hawaii--the Big Island.  I really do hope she has fun and that she and her husband will be kept safe.   I wish safety and well being for Nanette and her husband, too.  

THANKS, GRACIAS..and all that Jazz.  It was a fun surprise!  It was a good day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Temple map

So here is a map my Bro sent me. You should be able to click on it to enlarge it--if I did it right.  It has the KC Temple site, and Momma & Daddy's house on the same map. It turns out it's about 5 miles from home.  SO COOL!!!!  ... So close to home, and it should be "up and running" in 3 years.  I'm so amazed, even still.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

KC Temple 10 minutes from Home!!!!!

They announced WHERE the KC Temple will be.  Shoal Clay County...It's 10 minutes from home...near what we lovingly nicknamed Buffalo Park.  We used to go to what is really named "Hodge Park" for Family Picnics, and to watch the buffalos roam.  It's a beautiful green grassy rolling hills and wooded area.  It's in my home Stake boundaries.  I'm so amazed and happy.  It really will be easy for my folks to get to the Temple.  What a wonderful long-awaited answer to prayers.  Momma said years ago when they chose to live in Clay County they thought they were moving there to be near Daddy's work at the airport---but now she realizes it's because they wanted to be near the Temple.  :)   I can hardly wait to go home--I'm hoping the gas prices keep going down so we can!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Temple in KC!!! :)

General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began yesterday morning.  It's so wonderful to listen to the counsel of the Lord's servants.   Prophet Monson spoke of Temple dedications and was pleased to announce 5 new Temple sites.  I was taking notes.  I put down the tally and started to write down the names. 1-Calgary AB, 2-Cordoba, Argentina, 3- greater Kansas hand shot up in affirmation, I yelled YES!!! and then I began to sob...I grew up in Greater KC, in Clay County, Home.  I missed hearing #4--(Philadelphia, PA)  5- Rome, Italy.  I wished I could've been in my home ward in Liberty, MO to be there as the Prophet announced the Temple in KC....What was the reaction?  Did they shout and sob, too?  My children kept asking if I was ok.  I said, "I'm so happy, can't you tell?"  I AM happy!  I am so anxious to find out exactly WHERE in Greater Kansas City the Temple will be placed.  There are so many Church History sites near KC....Liberty, Independence, Adam-ondi-Ahman, Far West...those parcels of land have been procurred long since many years, and have been maintained by the Church for all of those years...  My folks served several years in the St. Louis, MO Temple as Ordinace workers.  I am so pleased that this Temple will be so much closer to them.  I truly am happy!  Finally, finally there will be a Temple in the New Jerusalem.  What a glorious time to be alive!!!!!!!!