Saturday, January 31, 2009

wacky too

Wacky cheered too. she is the one keeping time(due to her ballroom dance training) in the pink sweats. 

cheer Goo cheer

Goo (girl in jeans in middle) and Cam cheerleading.
she is in the second group her group starts at 00:40 if you want to skip to it. 
we are so happy and glad she did this she seems to have loved it.
sorry for the shaky video.

Yesterday was the culmination of a 4 day "cheer camp" that Googs & Wacky attended.  (Honestly, who would've thought MY daughters would be interested in such an event?  Go figure.) I hope to post a video of them soon.  There were 4 other little gals from our ward in the camp.  Shannon Sorensen is a Cheerleader at Timpview HS.  It was a fundraiser for their team.  She singlehandedly raised $180 for the team.  Way to go!  The gals had fun and along with good memories they ended up with new t-shirts.  There is a video clip posted today on the "Rowe Rowe Rowe your boat" blog (link on from my sidebar).  Cameron is awfully cute. Googs is to Cam's right and only really visible in the first I said I hope to get pics up of our gals soon.  :)   

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday I didn't go to work, Esther was sick.  No fun, but optimistically speaking, she made it to the Bathroom on time.  That made me happy.  Enough said.  She's better today.  We both got to go to school.  

One of my most favorite songs in the world I heard at a James Taylor concert in the summer of 1984.  My brother John and I went to the fabulous concert right before his mission.  It was so fun!  My children (Clarence presently does) wear my concert t-shirt now.'s so cool and "vintage" these nearly 25 years later.  Anyway back to the song:  "That Lonesome Road".  I found a nice youtube of the DixieChicks singing it.  The harmonies melt me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, Obama is the President and life goes on.  Last week we went to St. George for Steven & Amelia Miles' Wedding and Reception.  We had so much fun!   We stayed at the Motel 6 #230Right close to the Red Cliffs Mall.  Pretty basic...but hey, "they left the light on for us"--and it was clean with decent bathrooms.  :) We had 2 adjoining rooms...rooms #108 and #135...yes they were adjoining...go figure.  We ate at "In 'n Out" on Thursday night.  yummy!  I wanted to have their fabulous onion rings, but they don't have them in St. George. bummer.
I need to blog more later.  The gals have Jumprope Club this morning.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Fantastic 12 Days of Christmas

day 1- a bunch of homemade yummy carmel corn
day 2- 2 beautiful red glass ball ornaments
day 3- a nice grouping of 3 pillar candles
day 4- 4 cans of Stephen's Hot Chocolate--YUMMMMM----- Score!
day 5- 2 jonathan gold apples, a golden lemon, a yellow pear, and a gold apple-shaped pear.
day 6- a 6 pack of Shasta Rootbeer  :)
day 7- 7 beautiful plum colored mums
day 8- 8 (smart--no fighting--one for each) cinnamon rolls for breakfast
day 9- 9 packets of Swiss Miss Hot cocoa(we do love HC around here. Our friends know us well!)
day 10- 10 scrumptious star shaped decorated sugar cookies
day 11- a lunch bag full of 11 kinds of salt water taffy--we counted to make sure and there really were 11 different kinds.  Who knew there could be that many?
day 12- a tin of banana bread slices--we didn't count to see if there were only was good we ate it without counting.

We love our friends.  Honestly by the last day we knew who we THOUGHT it was and were hoping it was it was a pleasant treat when who we thought it was, really WAS... and they showed up on our doorstep with the "Day 12" treat, singing to us. THANK YOU for making Christmas even more meaningful for us....the true gift of Love & Friendship---what more could we ask for?  It was/is perfect.  We love you guys!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

christmas pictures


okay so i just went and bought a camera cord i couldn't stand it any longer. anyway you should be able to click on them if you want to see the pictures in detail.

The pictures were WELL worth the frantic
 "I'm going crazy-- can't stand it anymore" 
drive to RadioShack to buy a new cord--
Lila, Thanks for posting them!  
I love you, Ma