Tuesday, June 30, 2009

She's (Lila) coming HOME!!!!!  Tonight!  The plane should be in @ 11:05 p.m.---who knows though because the last leg of the flight will be leaving from JFK.  They are notorious for delays.  We'll get to go to Sherrie's Neighborhood picnic/bbq, then go up to the Rowe's new house in Riverton, and then head to the airport.  It's hard to have my kids be away from me!!!!--they probably enjoy the break, though....off to get Clarence from flag practice...then more taxi duties...I hope gas stops going up!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sarah Angst Art

I love these prints!  They remind me of Maine... the blueberries and trees.  The artist is Sarah Angst.  She's going to be at the Utah Arts Festival in SLC this weekend. Colby is going there today.  I wonder if he'll see any of her work. I'd love to buy these prints as fabric.  I wonder if that's possible. 
Happy Birthday Peterman!!!  
I feel so much better right this moment than I did 13 years ago!!!  I'm SO glad you are in our family. You're a great lad.  I love your quirky/punny sense of humor.  I love that you like Church.  I'm so happy that you love the cello...someday we'll be able to get you one, but for now--thank you for being okay with playing the ancient, school loaner.  I love you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We went to the store to get a few things more for Peterman's Birthday Party.  We ended up at KMart because it's closer than Walmart.  Googla came with me.  She wanted new shoes to be bought beFORE Peterman's Birthday, because if we got them on his birthday they'd have to be for him...that's what she said.  I wasn't too excited to get her shoes, but then she said, "But I need sneakers so I can TIE my shoes."  She proclaimed she's not a baby anymore.  I was so happy to hear she wanted to do something productive--tie shoes--that I "folded".  I like DI/"Salvation Army", but really the shoes that are there in her size are usually hammered.  

We found some cute sneaks that look like Converse, but they were $12.99--so obviously they aren't the real thing.  They're size 1, chocolate brown with pale pink stitching, white soles and toes... (I'm craving Neopolitan ice cream now).  She knows how to tie them already.  One night a while back, she couldn't sleep and she wanted to sleep in Lila's room.  She woke Lila and told her she couldn't sleep because she was bored , so she might as well learn how to tie shoes.  So Lila taught her, and ever since I guess Googla has wanted her own shoes to tie.  

My oldest sister taught Me to tie my shoes...good memories...the circle of life...  :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

this is a crazy mish-mash of Trek photos...It was a great time...difficult and beautiful

Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the wonderful Father's in my life

I want to wish my Father, my Father-in-law, and especially the Father of my children a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!  I feel so blessed to have these wonderful men in my life.  They are kind souls.  They are men who honor the Priesthood that they hold. They are men who look to our Father in Heaven. They are men who cherish women.  They are men who are excellent providers for their families.  They are men who are honest and trustworthy. They are men that I can't live without!  They are men who are gentle and kind with children.  They are men who will tear up and maybe even shed a tear when they feel the Spirit in their lives. They are the men that I want to hug!!!!  They are the men that I love !!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I miss Lila

I keep looking on her blog, hoping to see a new one, but no such luck.  She's in the beautiful backwoods of Maine, and having a lovely time...Grandma and Grandpa Sanford have dial-up internet so I'm guessing she can't be on it for very long.  Bummer.  She's so creative and when I read her posts it's like a breath of fresh air to set me sailing again.  I did get to talk to her this morning.  It's raining oodles there, and has been for 12 hours straight.  That means that the mosquito population will be unbearable in a few days---but the greens will be so much greener, too.  Ahhhh!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

All is well, all is well...

We are back from Trek. (Insert rigorous round of the Hallelujah Chorus...) It was a good experience!  The Pioneers are pretty close to "We-should-worship-them" status!  They are amazing---driven by what they knew to be right!!  They had a tremendous measure of faith.I pray that the sacrifices they made will not be taken in vain.  
Our family color was deep "royal" purple.  There was a lighter purple and also lilac.  We had 20 or so "families" in our company.  I didn't move as fast as "my kids" liked so they went ahead for awhile, but Pa got them in order, and we travelled as a family again.  One of the gals is a track star in the making, and she kept the pace rather quick.  We only could slow it down to a walkable/breathable pace if Pa & I walked in front of the wagon.  It was interesting, and humiliating at times.  We had a really good stretch when we were talking and having fun.  I hope that's what they remember.  
On the last day, 2 of my gals were not in prime trekking mode and I wasn't either.  We were transported to the beginning of the trek, to wait 'til everyone made it in by foot. (Foot was my main problem, by Wednesday a.m.)  We trekked 7 miles on day 1.  On day 2, 14 miles or there abouts was the magic #. (I did 10 of them and opted out of the last leg).  I probably walked 1/4 mile on the last day, but the company trekked 7 miles.  When the 2 gals and I were brought to the beginning of the trek (Bus parking lot) we hobbled over to the Visitor's Center and talked to the Missionary Couples there.  
Our Stake, before the trek, handed out names of pioneers that we could research and think about during the trek.  My person is: Anna Tait of Scotland.  She ended up dying on 20 October, along the trail when she was 31.  So sad!!!!   So many died. (But many more lived, thankfully)
I gain strength from the Pioneers and Pilgrims who stood for what they thought was right.  They were moral people who understood that dying in the process of defending and striving for truth and righteousness is a noble thing.  I pray I can take their examples and always strive to defend what is from God, moral, and correct.  Blood, sweat & tears.....The trek was not easy, but it was worth it!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

it's on the way

The tin ceiling tiles have actually shipped.  They said so--yesterday....Jeff will probably get to fix it when we get back from Trek.  I can't wait!!!