Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Change is Good :0)

It happened.  The Stake is now "realigned".  So that means as of 11 May, 2008 Our Dearly beloved Bonneville 3rd ward in the Provo Bonneville Stake, will in it's entirety become Provo Peaks 11th Ward in the Provo East Stake.  As a result, I will no longer be serving in the Stake Primary Presidency.  Nor will I be a Cub Commissioner...I'll sorely miss the calling and all of the blessings that came with it!!!!  I hope I'm not too long without a calling!  Of course this could/should be a time I can be a better Visiting Teacher.  I'm very pleased that, although we were split out of the Stake, our ward boundaries are staying the same. Our family used to attend the Spanish Ward.  About 5 years ago the Spanish Wards/branches in Provo were divided and moved around.  It was at that point that we were split out of East Stake and placed in the Bonneville Stake.  We attended the 7th Branch for about 1 year.  We then chose to "go English"...Now we will still "be English", but we're back in East Stake.  It'll be sad to "leave" so many good, nice Bonneville friends, but it's exciting, too.  Jeff, the children, and I have learned many good things from Bonneville Stake!!!  Among other things, we've caught a new vision of how a successful YM/Scouting program is run. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring with us the best and add to the best of East Stake and come up with something even better!! Change is good--

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Prom & Primary

Tonight was the Prom for Provo High School &  Timpview High School.  Dib went with Tiff.  These days when a guy asks a gal to Prom it's not just dinner and a dance it's for the entire day....needless to say @ 7:45 this morning Dib had "Breakfast @ Tiffany's"...Shar & Brad, Dib & Tiff went up to Salt Lake to the Aquarium and then back to Provo.  They jumped in the river.  How crazy...the boys came back to our house and made calzones for the "fancy" dinner they had planned.  They ate their self catered dinner high atop Provo H.S.  It was an intimate setting.  No one did tricks or juggled and balanced plates (like in "the Terminal") ...The 4 were there watching the sunset.  Jeff and I had a little date there after the kids went to prom. What a nice peaceful place... 

I was originally going to write about Auxiliary Training on Thursday.  I love the other ladies in the Presidency.  They are such a joy to work with! Our meeting the other night was wonderful.  It's weird, but it was almost like I got the feeling that our Presidency is too good to be true.  Kanani, Lisa, Margaret, and I have such a fun time serving together.  We all love the children and the programs so much.  I enjoy the association I have with these fantastic ladies.  I feel that I'm a much better person for having them as friends! 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Woodbadge is fun!!!!!

Well, Woodbadge is over.  I was in the Bear Patrol...."I'm growing old & feeble and I can bear no more...." ( that's part of the song "Back to Gilwell")   Now that I'm home I will be "working my ticket"----as part of Woodbadge you set goals/make a "ticket".  If I complete the 5 "tickets" before 18 months have ended, I'll get my Woodbadge beads, and a fawn colored neckerchief.  It's time to get to Church.  I'll write more later.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm sleepy...I'm back

I'm back from Woodbadge.  It's been a fun experience!  i really have enjoyed it so far!  I love the people in my Bear Patrol...Alisa, Matt, Dave, Linda,Jerry and our troop guide Carl.  Happy birthday Carl U-da-man!!!!  This morning we thought it would be fun to sing Happy birthday to Carl.  Everyone (50+ people) joined in.  He was really surprised, and dumbfounded.  After lunch we brought out a sheet cake, and sang to him.  At the end of the day we gave him a card I made and got almost everyone there to sign.  He must think we're nuts, since his birthday isn't until July.  It was fun!
I wish C would get home!!!  She should be soon.  Tonight was the closing night of her school play, and they went to someone's house.  I'm so tired I want my Select Comfort right now!!! Grrrrr!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

homework mishap

Ok--Wacky wanted me to tell anyone who would read the blog what happened yesterday.  I ended up  writing a letter to Wacky's  Homeroom and Math teachers:

Hello Dear Teachers, 
We have a wood-burning stove in our home.  It seems that "Wacky's" older brother was doing clean-up and burned the papers he found on the floor.  Unfortunately, it appears that it was "Wacky's" Homework.  I know that this sounds something akin to the old "my dog ate my homework" tale, but this is truly what happened. Thanks for understanding!

Said brother was helping to clean-up, but he concentrated on a different spot in the room than I had requested, so it seemed like MAYBE it wasn't an accident???!  He gets that "I'm innocent look" going and it's hard to know WHAT to do. 

Googlah needs help finding some stickers...don't tell me they too are now ashes!


I'm going to Woodbadge.  That's a scouting thing.  It's a course for adults.  We learn how to become better leaders.  I'll get the chance to set some goals and actually have to report back.  When I attain those goals I'll get a fawn colored neckerchief and some beads to wear. WOOOOHOOO!!  It will be an honor--but if it was MY choice I'd not pick fawn.  Maybe they'll explain WHY fawn?  I'm ignorant on the matter.  I hope I don't sound disrespectful!!!

 Jeff & I went to the Scout Office to get Scout pants.  Of course the pants that are "buy one get one free" are the pants that look GREAT on thin-thighed  ( is that a word?) people.  There are zippers that hit about 2 inches above the knee...right at a very ample part of my leg...( right where garments would show if you utilize the funky zipper and turn them into shorts) Needless to say, I paid $5 more and only got one pair of tents, I mean, scout pants to wear.  I splurged for 2 pair of socks...I mean if I'm going to have to wear the same pair of slacks for 3 days, at least I could have sufficient socks.  One day I'll wear a pair of non-scout socks closest to my feet with scout green socks visible.  The next day I'll dispense with the civilian socks.  

Jeff brought home a cot for me to use.  It is literally 3 feet tall. It'll hold me without hardly budging I think it's a MASH examining table?  It might not fit in the tent because it's long.  Jeff had to go and set up tents today because he's on staff, so he's going to figure out if I'll be able to use it.  There are a bunch of folks going from our stake.  It should be fun.     :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New apostle

He's the new Apostle.  Turns out D. Todd Christofferson is the uncle of one of my dearest friends.   That's pretty cool!!!!  The nice gene obviously runs in their family.

I love Conference

This morning I was a bit anxious for Conference to start. This is our first time to not have cable, and I've heard horror stories of the internet crashing. I knew we'd at least be able to HEAR it, but I wanted the children (and I) to SEE it. Heavenly Father answered my prayers. Conference was a tad delayed, compared to the radio broadcast (probably by 2 minutes), but it came through on It's so wonderful to be a part of and witness a Solemn Assembly. I know the children thought I was a wreck, but tears flowed freely as time after time, group after group, each person raised their hand to sustain our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. It must have been wonderful for the Prophet, his counselors and the 12 Apostles see the support of the members of the church. I hope their tasks don't seem so heavy now. I love the Church, the Gospel...I know it's true!!!! I wish everyone could know of it's truth...would allow the seed of truth to be planted in their hearts and feel it grow!!!!

After the sustaining part of Conference I felt a sweet sadness in my heart for the people I know and care for, who totally missed out on the Gordon B. Hinckley era of the Church. He was truly a Prophet. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet now. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true. It IS Christ's's patterned after the Church Christ established when He lived on earth.

If you would like to watch Conference go to and go to 5 April, 2008 @ 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. and you can watch it. It'll be on tomorrow at those times, too. Jeff & Dibs are at the Priesthood Session now. In October Peterman will go too. It's so wonderful !!! Oh, I love Conference!!!