Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rhyme for a time

A few days ago I woke and was thinking of Colby's return from his mission. I was giddy, so I shared the thought on my Facebook status. "Oh thank heaven, we're down to seven"  I'm now kinda obsessed with the silly little game of sharing my lack of literary skill.  It's been fun and I 'll keep it up. It is obvious that I spend a good chunk of my weekdays with Kindergarteners. Life is to be enjoyed!!  Here are the Status that are terrible/silly rhymes about Colby's return date:

7- Oh thank heaven we're down to seven.

6 - Time ticks, now we're at six....

5 - Jump & jive, he'll arrive in five.

4 - How many more? You guessed it, 4!! :D

3 - Momma said it yesterday: "whee, only 3"...can it be?? Slap my knee.

There are still a few more days, then I will stop it with the terrible rhymes.  Probably.

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